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Tips and Secrets for Rockin Videos!

6 Reasons why viewers may "click" away from your online video
- 2011, Suzie Vigon- Vigon Productions

Video is one of the most powerful tools an individual or company can use to deliver their message. But, with thousands upon thousands of videos online, how do you make sure yours will get the views?  The key is having someone actually "watch" your entire video, and seeing and hearing YOUR message.  THIS is what will help lead you to potential new customers.

Soooooo, let's take a look at 6 key reasons your viewers may be clicking away and leaving your video:

1.Your video is tooooooooooooo long!  Many of my clients come to me with the intention of producing a 5-10 minute online video.  I generally advise against this.

Statistics show that the average viewer will not watch then more then 3 minutes at most.   Keeping your video between 2-3 minutes is most appealing to viewers. If we viewers get bored (snore zzzzzzzz) , we will click away to find something more engaging.

2. Ya got have heart, and your video has NONE.   TV offers us plenty of glitz and sparkle, when it comes to online videos, it's really about showing the heart of "it" and by " it", I mean the person, company, or product.    

If  you're doing your own speaking, I suggest looking 10 degrees off camera, in what's known as an interview style.   Looking directly into the camera can come across like a straight sales pitch.   Focus on making the video about what you, the company or product does, how it's helped the big world out there, and why you are passionate about it.  The minute we viewers think we are being hit with a straight up sales pitch, odds are we will click, click away and be gone.  

Ok, ok, I do realize there are some people out there that just don't want to be on camera...if you decide to use a spokesperson, make sure it's the right spokesperson.  Finding someone who is a good fit to represent you is important.   (Side note here:  I am a believer that nobody can represent "it" like you can.  If you find a good on camera coach, I believe you will be surprised at what you can achieve on camera.)

3. What? We can't hear it, what's wrong with the audio?  Or maybe we can hear it, but it sounds like you are in a cave.  

Point blank, poor audio is a huge turn off.  

Viewers hate listening to poor audio.  Your video represents you.  You would not hand someone a ripped up business card, or go to a meeting in a bathing suit, (or at least I hope you wouldn't)  so don't use poor audio in your video representation.

4. What the heck is that? It's so dark, I can hardly see it.   Good lighting is essential for any video.  You want the viewer to "see" it.  And once again, by "it" I mean you, the company or product.   If we viewers click on a video we can hardly see, we will be gone in 5 seconds.

Remember, you wouldn't hold a business meeting in the dark, and wouldn't showcase your product there either, so keep your video well lit.  Unless you are Casper the Ghost, you don't want to be represented in the dark.  So the rule is: Shooting in the dark, will leave your potential customers in the dark! Click.

5.  Avoid a direct sales pitch.   One of the greatest ways to use video to offer FREE information.  For example, a company that works with people in foreclosure created a video on the 4 things you may not know about foreclosure.  What this does is offer an extended hand to potential client.  It says, "I am about helping you, not just making a sale".   You can still make a call to action at the end of the video, but making the video about helping a potential client, will more likely keep them watching your video and lead them to become an actual client.

6. Find a unique way to deliver your message.  This involves some major creativity.

Brainstorm with the creatives around you.  If you are working with an production company, ask them to bring something to the table as well.  Look for ways to stand out among your competition. Don't do the same old, same old, we' ve seen it.   Fresh ideas will keep us watching your video and coming back for more!
Keep these 6 things in mind when you create your next video
to assure your viewers stay viewed and glued to your message!

For more tips, tricks and insight about the "art of video production"
feel free to contact me at or 407-341-1969.

Suzie Vigon

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Comment by Sue Copening on September 2, 2011 at 4:07pm

Video by:  Vigon Productions
Comment by Sue Copening on September 2, 2011 at 4:08pm
I LOVE this video that Vigon did for Connections Groups! Thanks Suzie!
Comment by Donna Loader on September 29, 2011 at 8:17am
Awesome, love the tips, thanks


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