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What'a Talkie Walkie? How they can benefit your site? And where the heck can you get one?

What's a "Talkie Walkie?" We have all visited a website and watched as a person walks out of thin air to greet you on that website. Often called, Walk Outs, we like to call them "Talkie Walkies". They look something like this...

This is an amazing web technology that can be used in so many great ways. I thought I would take a moment to talk about some of the ways a 'Talkie Walkie" can be used on your website.

1.The warm and fuzzy "Talkie Walkie"- Without a doubt, people want to do business with people they know and trust. Using a "Talkie Walkie" on your website is great way to not only introduce them to your site and business, but to you. It's all about the first impression, and a great way to make a good one.

2. The Memorable "Talkie Walkie"- This idea is a bit more creative, the idea being you use a "memorable" Talkie Walkie to keep your name in your clients mind. For example, let's say you are Golf Resort or Golf Shop, your Talkie Walkie might be a comedic golfer taking a swing at the ball that comes towards the camera. Think outside the box, think cute, funny, memorable. If you are a Pet groomer, why not have the cutest dog you can find, running out to greet your potential client.

3. Special Announcement Talkie Walkie- If your company is running a special promotion, use a Talkie Walkie to promote it on your website. Create a following by letting people know, if they check the site each month or week, a new Talkie Walkie will be there to announce your current special.

4. The "Educational" Talkie Walkie -Some of the best websites I have ever seen, offer free information to potential clients. This not only gives you credibility in that potential client's eyes, but also shows that your company wants to help their clients. "Tip of the week"," Tip of the month", it's a great way to bring people back to your website and to start building a relationship. Example, let's say you are a Realty Company....use a Talkie Walkie to offer a quick tip for first time home buyers. If you are an air conditioning repair company, use a Talkie Walkie to give potential clients 5 questions to ask an AC company before you hire them. Get the idea?

There are so many amazing ways to utilize this technology for your own website or even email blast.

So how can you get your very own "Talkie Walkie" for your website? Vigon Productions is currently offering clients the special price of $699.00 to have a 'Talkie Walkie" created.

This includes: Working with you to create the perfect concept and script, video shoot with full Green green studio, edit, and of course we provide you with the final code to give to your web designer to add your Talkie Walkie to your site. Need us to host it? We can do that too.

Our next shoot is scheduled for June 4th and we currently have three more time slots available to shoot your Talkie Walkie. Call us to book your spot or to talk about future Talkie Walkie shoot days.
Call me, Suzie Vigon at 407-341-1969.

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