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Qivana Launches a Revolutionary "Qore"/Core System for Your Health

Qivana Launches a Revolutionary "Qore"/Core System that addresses the "core" functions of your health... immunity, inflammation/circulation and detox...

...a "Nutraceutical," this system aids in providing the foundation you need for a stronger immune system, better digestion, better nutrient absorption, increased circulation, reduced inflammation, and defense from toxins in your environment.  

Did you know? ... that...
the United States represents only 5% of the world’s population, and yet consumes over 50% of the world's supply of prescription drugs
AND, get this, that number has risen by more than 15% every year since 1998!*

Studies reveal that more than 50% of Americans are taking prescription drugs now, over 50% of advertising is for prescription drugs, and we have SO many drugs in this country that our water supply is now tainted with them!

You would think that if drugs were the answer to health, we would have the healthiest nation in the world.

But unfortunately this is not the case. The rates of diabetes, heart disease and cancer are rapidly rising and we have one of the highest infant mortality rates in the civilized world.**

Pharmaceutical companies are one of the most profitable industries on the planet, generating hundreds of billions of dollars in profit annually. And drugs can be useful, and lifesaving, when it comes to managing symptoms... however they don't usually address, or cure, the underlying cause of the condition or disease that caused the symptoms.

But there is a HUGE swing now toward better health. People are waking up and realizing that poor nutrition, lifestyles and environmental toxins are making them sick (and fat), and this realization is reflected in the growing number of Americans who are looking toward the natural world to better their health...

in 1994 - 30% of American were taking supplements.
in 2007 - 70% of Americans are now taking supplements.


 Qivana "Qore" System is designed to optimize your health through providing a system to lay a foundation of optimal immunity, digestion, nutrient absorption (why do we need this?), vitality and detoxification.

The great thing is this... The Qore System is designed to work WITH whatever other approaches you might be taking to be healthier. Because it enhances nutrient absorption, whatever supplements someone is taking... it's just going to increase their efficacy.

If you are taking drugs for a medical condition... you'll love that Qivana's Qore System helps support your immune system. As you know...
Many drugs, while benefitting you for the purpose you are taking them, can weaken your immune system, and/or cause severe digestive issues.
Qivana's Qore system is designed to support and balance your immune system and aid in digestion.  Many people have found that they no longer NEED drugs, once they discover Qivana, thus saving quite a bit of money in co-pays and such.

MY STORY: How did I learn about Qivana?

In the summer of 2009 I developed Hives, an auto-immune disease. I went from having no health issue at all to having outbreaks 2-4 times a day lasting for 2-3 hours.
As luck has it, I also had the only kind of hives that can KILL you, the kind with "angioedema" as part of the outbreak and with a 10% fatality rate in the first 2 years.
I was taking antihistamines and steroids and they helped somewhat with the symptoms, but only slightly and, as soon as I stopped taking them, the hives were back (since they didn't address the REASON I had developed this auto-immune condition, which was a compromised immune system).

I did a lot of research into Hives and learned that if they are allergy related they usually go away in about 6-10 days. If they don't, they are what is called chronic hives... and according to everything I read on the internet.. chronic hives are incurable - ie: chronic.

These hives had been an issue for over a month and a half until a friend recommended I try Qivana. Since I knew Steph was knowledgeable about nutrition and health, I trusted him and...
I got on the Qivana Qore system, after which, the hives went away completely in about 8 days.  I really feel Qivana potentially saved my life.
Want to see for yourself? I posted BEFORE and AFTER photos here: Before & After Photos

Now why might Qivana have helped with the hives? This is just my guess of course, as I am not a Doctor. But chronic hives are classified as an autoimmune disease... which the medical community says is caused by an "over-active" or "out of balance" immune system. Qivana's probiotics support healthy immune function.
80% of the cells that control your immune system are in your GI tract and the balance of good/bad bacteria/flora is essential to a healthy immune system.  Probiotics are the "good" bacteria.
Perhaps my immune system was just was not as healthy as it should be and obviously a good probiotic is very important.

Another reason is that hives can sometimes be caused by heavy metal toxicity.
Heavy metal toxicity is a contributing factor to BOTH auto-immune disease and cancer.  Most American's have some level of heavy metal toxicity (for instance, children with Autism almost invariably do).
While I never tested myself for that (long term heavy metal toxicity doesn't show up on standard tests as it's already settled in tissues throughout the body), the DeTox part of the Qore system is a gentle oral detox for heavy metals (See Video with Dr. Eliaz). I read that most American's have some level of heavy metal toxicity in our bodies... due to environmental factors like auto exhaust, pesticides in our foods, residue in our water supply, mercury from fillings and even seafood, aluminum from cookware and canned foods, etc.
According to Dr. Oz - on average, American's consume a gallon and a half of pesticides a year through our food supply. 
Guess what is in pesticides?  That's right...  heavy metals.  So... perhaps I had some heavy metal toxicity. I have since quit using my aluminum cookware, and have started filtering my drinking water. I'm also switching all cleaning products to natural cleansers - just in case. Heavy metals are hard to avoid in our society as even auto exhaust fumes contain dangerous cadmium.

Needless to say I'm a believer in this system. I've now done a lot of research on the science behind the products in Qivana's Qore System and can provide more information to you, in addition to what you see below. If you have a health issue, or just want to BE healthier... contact me:

Sue @ 407-443-0348
(I'll put you in touch with my friend Steph, who can get you Qivana)

VIDEO: Quivana Product & Medical Team Overview
...This video gives you an overview of the company management team, the medical advisory board and the potential health benefits of the products themselves.


Qore System: PDF Downloads with DETAILED Product Information:
Qivana Probiotic:
Qivana Essentials:
Qivana DeTox:
Qivana Defense:

What makes Qivana UNIQUE?

Natural product formulations scientifically validated and manufactured with pharmaceutical grade standards.
One of my friends saves over $400 a month now as she is off 11 different medications.

Pricing that SAVES you money. For our clients that WERE taking pharmaceuticals and medications... many have found they no longer need them and are saving hundreds of dollars a month (always consult your Doctor when backing off medications - stopping some medications too fast can cause issues).

EVERY aspect of Qivana systems is backed by award winning SCIENCE, Clinical Trials and peer reviewed RESEARCH.

NOTE: By law, we cannot make health claims, and as natural products, must tell you that these products are NOT drugs and, as such, the statements and products shown on this website have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Those seeking treatment for a specific disease should consult a qualified physician.

That legal disclaimer aside, we do have many people who have certain conditions, who have certainly benefited.  Some have "BEFORE AND AFTER" test results from their Doctors that back up their improving health.    While, again, we cannot make any specific health claims... you can research each component of these systems to learn the science behind them and see why we have so many great testimonials. Whether you have a health condition... or just want help maintaining the good health you already have,... you'll see why Qivana is good for your CORE health!
My personal philosophy...
~~ If I do the research and see it can't hurt me...
~~ If the research shows there is a chance it can help me...
~~ And if the cost is affordable...
I'll try something for at least 3 months.  The 3 months commitment is really important.  Drugs work fast because they are super strong and concentrated (which is why they can also be dangerous), however natural products work with your bodies own systems and they work more slowly.  Restoring health is a PROCESS.    Generally if something is going to help you, you will see some effect during that time.  Often there is some sign in the first month and some people (like me) DO see results right away.  Other people take longer... as much as 6 months, for a full effect.  However, on average, 3 months should give you SOME sign this is working for you. 

VIDEOS and Testimonials
Dr. Wright - Dr. Wright is an MD with one of the largest family practices in North Florida.  In these videos Dr. Wright explains why he shares these products with his patients.  He has 68 on the products and 12 Diabetics who are off all medications, including insulin.
Video #1  |  Video #2  |  Video #3  |  Video #4  
Dr. Wright has 68 patients taking Qivana systems, and has more than 12 Diabetic patients who are off all drugs and insulin.

NOTE: Another disclaimer here.  The FDA does not recognize testimonials as scientific validation of effectiveness.   In other words, what might work for some people, may not work for all due to unique variations in that person's body chemistry.  That said, explore the results many have had...

Read more testimonials here - click
Mine about the hives: QivanaHives.pdf
Multiple conditions:
More testimonials: Testimonials.doc
and yet more: Testimonials3.doc

Who is involved with QIVANA?

s Derek Hall- who was recently named Chairman of the Natural Products Foundation! 25 years with McKesson Pharma - CEO of Natures Way, and more.
See Bio | Announcement

Doctors include (all

Dr. Marcus Laux - Considered the top Naturopatic Doctor in the US
Author of the best selling heath book: "Natural Woman, Natural Menopause." You may have seen Dr. Laux on Suzanne Somers show, or on the health show hosted by Oliva Newton John.  Known as the "Doctor to the Stars" Dr. Laux specializes in natural anti-aging protocols and is responsible for coining the phrase "bio-identical hormone."  
See BIO | 2nd BIO | See Video Interview

Dr. Donald K. Layman - winner of the SHANNON AWARD from the National Insitutes of Health (among other awards), Dr. Layman is a leading nutritional researcher in the US. Most Doctors publish a maximum of 2-5 peer reviewed research papers over the course of their career. Dr. Layman has published over 90 peer reviewed papers and is Professor Emeritus of the nutritional dept at the Univ of Illinois - where the government gets a lot of their nutritional research done.
See Bio | See Video with Dr. Layman

Dr. Isaac Eliaz - Top Cancer Researcher and specialist in natural cancer protocols and toxicity.  Dr. Eliaz is the developer of MCP which is being used in cancer treatments and is referred to on the American Cancer Society web site. Dr. Eliaz was recently keynote speaker at a medical conference of over 4000 Doctors who came to learn about his ground breaking research.  The video below features a patient with advanced prostate cancer that Dr. Eliaz saved with his MCP formula as part of an overall protocol.
See Bio | See CANCER Video with Dr. Eliaz
NOTE:  the MCP - modified Citrus Pectin and Kelp formula referred to in the video is the formula Dr. Eliaz licensed to Qivana for the Detox part of the Qore System. Dr. Eliaz is recognized as the developer of MCP.

What about the PRODUCTS?

Qivana takes the REALISTIC approach that there is no "magic bullet" - no one thing that is a "cure-all," but that optimal health requires an INTEGRATED approach to aid the body in self-healing. In fact ANY nutritional supplement, or even your food, can only benefit you to the extent that you can absorb the nutrients. Qivana enhances nutrient absorption so it works synergistically with other nutritional products.

Qivana has created two SYSTEMS for better health:

Qivana Qore: Designed by Dr. Maucus Laux and Dr. Isaac Eliaz, the Qore system provides immune support, better digestion and detoxification. The body is a miracle in itself and can heal itself of many things... when the immune system is functioning properly and is not handicapped by toxins or poor nutrition. The Qore system is designed to help lay the foundation of good health.

Qore Components: The Qore system is comprised of three components....

Probiotics (QProbiotic.pdf) - shelf stable for 18 months withOUT refrigeration, and double coated to bypass stomach acid and deliver LIVE cultures to lower GI tract where needed (these two things have been shown by consumer research groups to be issues with many other probiotics). While there are many probiotics on the market, the "delivery system" of the Qivana probiotics is second to none... protecting the live cultures from death due to heat and digestive acids and insuring you get the benefits you are paying for.

"Essentials" - Adaptogenic herbs (QEssentials.pdf) - including the "Immortality Herb" (Gynostemma Pentaphyllum), the number one adaptogenic herb in Chinese medicine and White Korean Ginseng (also a "cancer fighting" compound showing anti-antiogenesis properties).  While you can take these herbs individually.. the benefit of the Qivana Essentials is, again, the "delivery system."  The active ingredients of the herbs are encapsulated so that you can simply sprinkle on the tongue... and allow to absorb directly into the blood stream through the mucous membranes of your mouth.

"DeTox" for Heavy metals - MCP and Alginate (QDetox.pdf): formulated by Dr. Isaac Eliaz and shown in clinical trials to not only remove heavy metals, but also to have a positive effect on cancer inhibition and growth. MCP is modified citrus pectin and is also sold under the trademarked name of PectaSol (without the alginate component). This formula played heavily in the treatment of Charlie Rice, featured in "The Incurables (see video here)."

For those that need more immune support - there is a 4th component of the Qore System utilizing medicinal mushrooms...

"Defense" (QDefense.pdf) - contains six of he most powerful and proven medicinal mushrooms which are scientifically proven to trigger positive immune function and activate NKT / T-cells. Using revolutionary cultivation technology, these mushrooms are actually grown on a bed of immune-enhancing adaptogenic herbs that strengthen and enhance their potency and nutritional content.

Qore Retail: $75 (about $10 for shipping)
** note: If you are currently taking pharmaceuticals, you may find that after being on the Qore system for a few months, that you no longer need them (always consult your Doctor!) and the result could be a significant overall savings. One of my friends saves over $400 a month now as she is off 11 different medications.

Qivana's second system addresses another cause of bad health... weight. For that, Qivana turned to the top nutritional researcher in the country... Dr. Donald Layman, to help develop...

Qivana Metaboliq: Is a HEALTH weight management system designed by Dr. Donald K. Layman, the top nutritional Doctor and Research Scientist in the country ( See Bio ). Metaboliq does NOT spike blood sugar (great for diabetics) and utilizes meal replacement shakes which have the perfect balance of Protein, Carbs and essential Amino Acids... including Leucine - the "trigger" that tells the body to turn protein into muscle and new tissue.

Metaboliq Components:  comprised of 4 things..

Shakes - Meal replacements shakes... delicious and perfectly balanced with the RIGHT amount of PROTEIN, carbs and Leucine (the amino acid that "triggers" protein synthesis into muscle. Learn the "Truth About Protein" and why healthy muscle is key to long term weight management and fat burning.

Stix / bars - Like a healthy brownie... these are nutritionally balanced for healthy snacking and instant energy.

"Boost" capsules - A patent pending formula featuring all natural ingredients, no stimulants, and raises metabolism to increase fat burning,

"Resist" tabs - blocks sugar receptors in the tongue and digestive tract. Great for those with a sugar addiction.  These are a "behavior modification tool."

See this VIDEO for more on why the Metaboliq works and is HEALTHY. This is a 90-day system designed to jumpstart your weight loss and reset your metabolism to the faster, fat burning, level of your youth.

PDF Downloads with DETAILED Product Information:
Qivana Probiotic:
Qivana Essentials:
Qivana DeTox:
NOTE: The Probiotic, Essentials and Detox are a system: $65 a month for the first two and with auto-ship the DeTox is free every 3 months. the Defense is a separate product for those that want even stronger immunity.
Qivana Defense:

NEW! Metaboliq Weight Loss System: QivanaMetaboliqFinal.pdf

To order call SUE @ 407-443-0348
(I'll put you in touch with my friend Steph who I get Qivana from)

* According to the U.S. department of Health and Human Services.
** Infant mortality rates are considered to be an overall indicator of the general health of a population, according to the World Health Organization.

FDA Disclaimer:
The statements and products shown on this website have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Those seeking treatment for a specific disease should consult a qualified physician.


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