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Sign up for PLUM DISTRICT - FREE and Promote Literacy!
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Why "Kidsville?"  

Well... there are many closets full of skeletons in our society today. One of them is illiteracy. It’s a devastating, demoralizing, secret shame that creates low self-esteem. Knowing how to read is a prerequisite for succeeding in today’s global society. Every person needs to acquire literacy skills in their early development, because reading and writing are critical skills in so many daily activities. 

Think about it for a moment. What if you could not read or comprehend a newspaper or a book? What if you couldn't read the directions or warning label on your prescription meds?  What if you could not write a letter or an email for that matter or fill out a job application? While these may seem trivial to you since you can read, imagine walking in the shoes of someone who can't. We take so many things for granted. Being literate develops the mind, imagination, and critical thinking skills. It is sad but true, many people are not literate, and do not even have the opportunity to become literate in their lifetime. It’s impossible to live in our society without being able to read or write. So people develop coping strategies, living in fear of being exposed and/or ridiculed for being stupid as they believe themselves to be.

Here's a startling statistic... according to 2010 FCAT test scores, 30% of our kids right here in Central Florida in 3rd through 5th grade are not proficient at reading and math. There are numerous studies that stress the importance of early childhood development. 


30% of kids are reading and math deficient!


At "Central Florida Kidsville News!" Our mission is to create a fun, engaging, educational newspaper and web site for all elementary age children, their parents  & teachers, that encourages reading as a lifelong habit.  


"Kidsville" promotes literacy, education and character development in Central Florida!


While Kidsville News! content is educational, it is also fun and interactive, keeping children engaged and motivated to learn! The Kidsville News! program embodies several standards created by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). In fact, Kidsville News! was awarded the Parent’s Choice Award in the spring of 2008 and is the only children’s newspaper to receive such designation! (Parent’s Choice award is the nation’s oldest nonprofit program created to recognize quality children’s media). Kidsville News! is the only newspaper to receive such designation.


Kidsville News! is a fun, family newspaper & educational resource. We connect and engage educators, parents and children in a fun learning experience. Kidsville News! is a teacher’s classroom resource providing cross-curricular articles/features along with BrainWorks™ work sheets that correspond with the content. Kids love the color, puzzles, games, coloring and activities as well as the jokes, contests, photos with Truman and of course, the kid’s artwork! We encourage children to be creative and send us their art. Truman, our dragon mascot, sends each child a personalized thank you know recognizing them for what they sent him in an effort to build self esteem and confidence. Click on Kids Art and scroll down.It's a great page to bookmark and visit when you need a reason to smile. 


Kidsville News! is also a parenting aid with relevant content in our ParenTown features that helps parents with financial literacy, calendar of events, fun, delicious recipes, book reviews and parent/child activities in every issue!  

Click here to check out the pictures of Truman interacting
with the kids and their parents.


Visit our web here our facebook  page, our electronic edition... click here and our media kit 


We hope that you will join us and help us continue to bring this important educational resource to our community! We need your help in order provide a free copy to every child in all elementary schools in Central Florida!  YOU can make a positive difference in our community and in the lives of our children! It's easy and it's free to sign up for Plum District and help the kids!












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