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Budget Beach Weddings: Top 10 Reasons They're a Great Idea!

Budget Beach Weddings:
Top 10 Reasons They're a Great Idea!

... and MOONTIDE, on New Smyrna Beach, is the perfect destination 

We can probably think of 100 reasons for you to have a beach wedding at Moontide on New Smyrna Beach, however, we'll give you just our top 10 for now.

Get creative!

1) Beach weddings are, by nature, more casual affairs. More casual means less bankroll, less stress, and more sand between your toes.

2) Your wedding and reception are at the same location, making it easier for guests, creating less stress and meaning you aren't paying for two separate venues and worrying about transportation costs between the two.

Combine a Family Reunion with YOUR union!

3) Family hasn't been together in a while? Your beach wedding can be combined with a family reunion.

4) Moontides "community room" is perfect for your reception. It opens right onto the beach itself, so you can have the ceremony down at the waters edge, then just walk up a bit to pop the champagne!

5) Your wedding party will appreciate the casual nature of your wedding and it's lack of impact on their pocketbook. Bridesmaid's dresses are generally sundresses that can be worn again. Often Groomsmen simply color coordinate in matching board shorts and shirts.  Even your wedding dress can be unusual. We've seen more elaborate wedding dresses on the beach and we've seen white bathing suits with wraps for the bride as well. Suit your personality.

The Goofy Groomsmen!

6) Spend as much as your wish (or as little), decorating for the ceremony. A short ceremony doesn't even require seating for the guests... just mark off an "aisle" and make an "arch" for the bride/groom to stand. Even if you buy color coordinated beach chairs, you'll spend about the same as you would to rent them and you can give them to the guests as take-away gifts. Another idea... buy color coordinated beach towels and let guests sit on the sand. Look on the internet and Pinterest for ideas that are beautiful, and inexpensive.

Great idea for wedding photos

7) For food, Moontide's community room has a "catering kitchen," meaning it doesn't have cooking facilities, but it has room to coordinate and organize your reception food. You can hire a caterer, or do something simple yourself and go for a cold seafood buffet accented with tropical fruits and Pina Colada Punch. You'll spend a fraction of what you would have spent at most wedding venues.  

8) The beach itself is your "ambience" ...forget fancy centerpieces, banks and banks of flowers or ice sculptures (obviously)... whatever you choose for your "theme" is going to be budget friendly.

9) If you're thinking of a destination wedding... no better spot than Moontide. Your attendance is sure to be up, as guests will want to make a long weekend of it and combine it with a family vacation.  Moontide's beach apartments are 1-3 bedrooms with full kitchens. No worrying that everyone has to be "entertained" all the time... if the kids get a bit bored... send them back up to the room to watch movies and munch on homemade popcorn.

10) Save on the Honeymoon!  Come on... your wedding is already being held at Moontide... where the whole world wants to come for vacation! Instead of cutting out after the wedding ... just book yourself an apartment a little further away (on a different floor) from the rest of your guests... but hang out for the weekend enjoying the company of family and friends. Take the money you save by having your honeymoon right here at Moontide and put a downpayment on your dream house instead!

We can think of lots of other reasons to have your wedding at Moontide... but we'll just give you two more... Veronica and Teresa! They are your "secret weapon" and will give you all kinds of great tips, as well as helping out with some of the details.  In fact, I bet they'll make your wedding so special... you'll want to come back EVERY year to re-enact it!

Check out Pinterest for lots of great wedding ideas!

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Comment by Victoria Lynn Schultz on August 21, 2013 at 6:15am

I perform as harpist for beach weddings .  Check out my new website


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