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... it's free, it's FUN, it SAVES you money and it MAKES you money!

BLASTOFF is the ULTIMATE "Affiliate Marketing" AND Cash Rewards site.

OK... I have to admit... I have received like 20 "Blastoff" invitations in the last week. I'm embarrassed to admit that I didn't LOOK at them ... but here is why YOU should...

~~ it's FREE
~~ it SAVES you money on things you buy anyway
~~ it MAKES you money on things you buy anyway... AND things your FRIENDS buy!

Could YOU use an extra $500, $1000, $10,000 or $50,000 a month? *see below

Do you know any NON-profits or charities that could?

Why just log on when you can Blastoff? Blastoff Network is your launch pad to the internet and can be customized with your favorite news, music, videos, blogs, social networks and shopping, all in one place!

EVERYONE is jumping on board...
you want to get positioned NOW.

WHY? Because Blastoff Network
pays you when you shop online!

But it doesn't STOP there. Blastoff pays you when YOU shop, and when ANYONE in your network shops. It takes AFFILIATE marketing and combines it with the compound power of MLM (10 levels down) and THEN partners with TRADITIONAL retail stores.

According to a recent survey... THIS holiday season 48% of people plan to do 100% of their holiday shopping ONLINE. Some of the other 52% will probably do some online shopping too.

With BLASTOFF, you can shop online from over 300 retailers like Target, Macy’s, Best Buy, Office Max, just like you normally do, and get paid cash back just for being a Blastoff Network Member.

You also get cash back for TRAVEL... Southwest Airlines,, Expedia, etc.

AND, when you launch your Network by inviting your friends, you’ll really get paid! So sign up, save money, have fun and make money!

Entertainment options, TV, News, &
Sports are right at your fingertips!

Blastoff Network brings the best of the internet to your fingertips. Create your Blastoff Network Home Page by choosing from the best in news, games, video, music and other really cool stuff! You can also access your web mail accounts, social networks, blogs and IM right from your Blastoff Network Site. And you can customize your site by uploading photos and choosing different themes and layouts - so have fun!

Blastoff will SAVE you money!

When you join the Blastoff Network, you receive preferential treatment from the biggest names in retail like iTunes, Dell, Sears, Gap.

Do NOT spend any more money!

No... just redirect the money you spend anyway and get smarter with it! Many of these sites also have FREE SHIPPING when you spend a certain amount.

When you link to these websites and make purchases, you receive anywhere from 1%-10% cash back in your Blastoff Network Account. And when you're ready for your next cell phone, you can save up to $300 from the biggest names in wireless!

At the end of the month we send you a check – free money!

Blastoff will MAKE you money!

Launch your Blastoff
Network and get paid!

When you invite your friends to join the Blastoff Network, you will get paid every time they make a purchase within the Blastoff Network. Just think about getting paid every time your friends buy a song on iTunes, books at Barnes & Noble or a new TV at Target.

How much COULD you make?

Well.. do you understand the power of compounding? Use the link I provide below if you want to "get" this, but your network grows virally which means that at the beginning the numbers are small, but once you reach a "tipping point" you start to see the attain "critical mass" quite rapidly.

While there are no guarantees of performance (it's based on invites and people's purchases within the network), let's do the math to see the POTENTIAL here.

Let's say you brought in just 3-5 people. And each of those people brought in just 3-5 people (and you all stopped right there). By the time you had "maxed out" the 10 levels down that BLASTOFF pays, you would have over 88,572 in your network with 3 people AND with 5 you end up with 9,765,625 in your network ...amazing that little virus, isn't it?).

Does this sound possible? Of course it does. Now frankly, not everyone will recruit 3-5 people. But not everyone will recruit JUST 3-5 people (I got 5 my first day). So I think an average of no more than 3-5 each sounds pretty reasonable, don't you?

SO... let's say that each person in your network only spent $20 per month on commissionable goods and services though BLASTOFF. Considering that you can get rebates on cell phones, computers, etc, as well as office supplies (Office Max) and personal items like hair care and clothes (Target & Sears), I think $20 a month sounds like a reasonable minimum amount that most folks would spend, don't you?

And let's guess that your personal commissions for your own goods and services was only 2% (Blastoff says cash back for our personal purchases are from 1-10% or even 20% so I am being VERY conservative). And let's guess that you make no more than .0006 on every level below you (Blastoff says take the 1st level rebate, divide by 3 and divide by 10).

Your income would "max out" (in this scenario of 3 sign-ups) at: $500 a month
But if everyone recruited 5 people in the same scenario, you'd be at over $50,000 a month!

Want to check my math? I used this calculator: MLM Calculator

Now what if only HALF those people that signed up even used BLASTOFF at all? Well... half that amount per month would still come in pretty handy wouldn't it? What if YOU make it a point to recruit 50 people... even if they only recruited 3 each? You're going to end up with a HUGE network!

But here is a thought... the hardest thing to do with this is get people motivated to change their spending habits.

You'd like to boost that holiday shopping number of 48% and make it a year round number.

So what if some of your people were NON-PROFIT organizations, trade associations, and other entities that had big mailing lists and members who were LOYAL to them?

And what if you were good at MOTIVATING and COMMUNICATING with your first line people and encouraged them to forward your emails to their people (Blastoff also sends out encouraging emails). Are you starting to see the BIG picture?

While there are no guarantees in life, since it costs nothing to sign up and you don't have to spend any more money than you currently are doing, I think it's WELL worth a shot... don't you? If we ALL pledge to spend just some of our household budget through Blastoff... we CAN make this thing work.

As your friends begin to invite their friends, you will see your network and your income begin to virally grow. So spread the word and get ready to Blastoff!

What are you waiting for? Opportunity might knock on your door, but it's up to you to answer it. Make sure yours doesn't slip away. Folks are going to hear about this from someone... if you want to make the money, it needs to be you! CLICK here to join -->

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