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What You Don't Know About Medigap,Medicare Supplement Plans Can Cost You.

Written by Stephanie Coutavas




Four important facts that you may not know about Medigap-Medicare Supplement Plans and how knowing these four facts can save you money


As an Independent Broker who specializes in Senior Insurance and Medigap – Medicare Supplement Insurance, I see on a daily basis how important accurate information is. Making a sound decision is wholly dependent on acquiring knowledge about and understanding your options.


Many of my clients have told me that their search for information resulted in an avalanche of calls and emails from dozens of insurance agents leaving them frustrated and even more confused. This can become so overwhelming that they just give up, missing the opportunity to learn about an option that might better their situation and save them money.


Fact 1: There are marketing companies that will sell your information.

When you seek information online or fill in a form to win a prize you may be entering your personal information into a lead service. They will sell your information to numerous agents who contact with them to provide them with the names and contact information of people seeking information about Medigap- Medicare Supplement Plans. This is what starts the avalanche!

You can avoid this by always making sure that you are on a legitimate, licensed broker’s website.

There should be a toll free number for you to call and an email address for you contact them.

If you are required to give all of your personal information in order to receive a quote you may be in the wrong place.


Fact 2: Although the cost of your Medigap – Medicare Supplement Plan may vary from company to company, the benefits are exactly the same.

There are currently 10 standardized Medicare Supplement Plans. PLAN A, PLAN B, PLAN C, PLAN D, PLAN F, PLAN G, PLAN K, PLAN L, PLAN M and PLAN N. The benefits in each of these plans are approved by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). All insurance companies who offer Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans must comply with the approved benefits for the supplement plans that they offer.

Even though the benefits in each of the different plans are the same no matter which company is offering the plan, there are big differences in the prices of the plans from company to company.

Knowing this fact and taking the time to compare prices may save you 30% or more on your Medicare Supplement. A few minutes really can save you money.


Fact 3: You are NOT locked into your Medigap – Medicare Supplement Plan until Open Enrollment.

Medicare Supplement Plans are not subject to any annual enrollment periods. You are free to change plans any time of the year.

Knowing this fact frees you to do some compare your plan options and switch to a different plan or company at any time. If you find that you can get the same plan for a better price from a different company, you can switch and start saving immediately.


Fact 4: You ARE locked into your Part D Prescription Plan until open enrollment.

Part D Medicare Prescription Plans (PDP) are Medicare Approved plans offered by private insurance companies.

They vary in regards to monthly premium, deductible, and co-pays. Each plan has a unique formulary. A formulary is a list of drugs that the plan covers and where the specific drug fall on the plans co-pay tiers.

We did a comparison of 27 different plans available in Florida. We used a sample drug list which contained 5 drugs, 4 generic and 1 named brand. The estimated annual drug cost ranged from $734 for the least out of pocket plan, to $2623 for the highest.

Being in the wrong PDP can really impact your bottom line.

Write a reminder on your calendar for Octoberthis year and take the time to make sure that you are in the right plan for your specific drugs during the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period. This is the only time of the year that you can change your PDP.


I hope that these 4 important facts about Medigap – Medicare Supplement Plans will save you time and help you keep more of your money in your pocket.

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