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Paris…the REAL Power behind it!

With so many Former chaos energies being restored to the service of Prime Creators Benevolent Light…

Paris Belin
It's so sad, yet not surprising that this horrific act occurred… The chaos energies that remain are desperate… they need food!

(If the Exit Portals had not been opened, damage would have been three times worse)

( details on Restoration work being done)

The only way to get more food is to activate the implants within the minds of the biggest victims.
Who are the biggest victims?

Those whose minds have been overtaken completely by the chaos synergies.
The ones who physically commit these acts of terror are like “worker bees”whose minds and actions are completely controlled by the Dark Masters.

These Dark masters are not even from this planet. They originated from universes that have been seeking to control this planet and have indeed been seemingly successful for eons now.

(There are many benevolent energies from other galaxies that are here to help- only a small faction have learned to manipulate human emotions for their own gain)

They have infiltrated… Attracted by the energy waves of hatred already in place in certain regions of the world.
The captivated, indoctrinated “worker bees” are the victims as well.

Their minds have been so completely overtaken they cannot even find or feel their souls.

Certain trigger words and energy streams are being used by the dark Masters to spur the worker bees to complete their tasks of creating fear, especially in the hearts of the innocents.

This is the most subversive kind of warfare because the enemy cannot be “seen”.

Terrorism was designed by the dark masters to instill fear in the hearts of those who hear about the violence.

To create a feeling of, “I’m not safe, nowhere is safe, I had better be very quiet so as not to attract any attention.”


It has not been effective to just take an army and go wipe out Terrorism…because the perpetrators cannot be found.
These controlled ‘worker bees’ slither and hide until activated to come out again.

These worker bees simply react to the commands and energy streams of the dark masters.


Would you like to know the greatest energy stream the dark masters are looking for when choosing a worker bee?
It’s the energy of BLAME!

Blame is always the hardest scab on the seething volcano of victim energy.

This ‘blame’ energy is usually passed down from generation to generation- lifetime to lifetime.

So much so, that is becomes an “implant” an embedded pocket of energy with a consciousness of its own.

This implant (never discovered or healed) then attracts manipulators such as the dark masters.

The mindset goes like this…
“I’m a victim and I blame that on…” (Take your pick)

Blame could be placed on a country, society, a religion, a deity, a person, company, or a situation.

Time to ask ourselves…” How am I being a victim?

Who or what am I still blaming for whatever situation I find myself in?”

Right now its right in our face to place blame on the terrorist isn’t it?


There’s a difference between “seeing who is responsible” than pointing the finger and, “saying look what you did to me.”

The ones who commit these acts are extensions of the dark masters. They are being completely controlled to the point of gladly giving their own life.
It’s not a matter of, “OK I blame the dark masters.”

It’s a matter of “I see the controlling energy behind this and I refuse to give them more food to feed on by getting into fear myself.”

If you have someone you love in an area that is affected by these acts, you will be tempted to work yourself into a frenzy of worry for them.

This is only natural and the chaos energies are counting on it!

Question. What can I do instead?
Answer. Send angels… Ask more angels to gather and protect your love ones. (Don’t you realize the power you have to call the Angels of the Light?)

Q. What else can I do?

A. Pray for those in grief.

Pray for the souls who have died to go to the light. Many have already gone yet, sometimes those who die in chaos remain confused.

There is a great Magnetism vortexing from the Exit Portal we opened on 11/11. In your prayers you can call on the ‘already in place’ magnetism to draw any lost souls to the Light.
Portal Now Open for Business! Unretouched

Portal Now Open for Business! Unretouched

Details of the last exit portal opened:

Q. What else?

A. Be very vigilant of your own energy.

Trust your gut instinct.

The terrorists could not operate as they do if we all knew how to trust our gut. They could not move easily among us if we picked up on the nasty energy streams surrounding them. You KNOW that feeling you get when something is not right.
Light workers, we need you to Awaken to who you are. We need you to stand in spiritual authority and send Prime Creators Benevolent Light.

Awake to Who You Are!

The dark masters are creating and manipulating energy streams of fear and chaos to fight the spiritual war.

It’s time for us to use to stream already in place of Prime Creators Benevolent Light to point it toward the true source of this terror.

Imagine you are the powerful being that you are indeed… Call for Prime Creators pillar of Benevolent Light to stream into your crown… then call for it to stream out from your heart to any area you feel guided to stream it.
Wake up humans!

Time to STOP wringing your hands in helplessness, time to START learning how to use the only true weapon against chaos…Prime Creators Benevolent Light!

Anytime you feel worry… stream the light.
Anytime you feel fear… Stream the light.

Anytime you feel Blame… Stream the light to yourself until the energy of blame dissipates.

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