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Anil Gupta Quality Questions = Quality Answers

Tony Robbins quotes “The quality of your life is directly proportional to the quality of the questions you ask”. So for me I used to do the same thing over and over and again and the quality of the question was this” why do you keep on doing that”? Guess what the brain would automatically answer - “ because you’re stupid, you’re really stupid “. I would agree and I would walk around saying “ I’m stupid, I’m stupid, I’m stupid “. But what’s a different question I could have asked? A question I could have asked was this. What can I learn here? How can I do this differently? What do you think the brain is going to answer? Well you could do this, you could do that and you could do this. So be careful of the questions that you ask yourself because the brain will always answer. If you ask a question like this, does my spouse love me? That’s going to cause some problems. But ask a different question, you could ask, how much do I love my wife? How can I serve her better? What’s great about my wife? What’s great about my son? How can I do something that makes a difference to them today? How can I do this? How can I do that? The brain will answer. This is a simple technique. It’s a small shift. The quality of the questions you ask is vital and again the awareness is very important here. Just be aware of the questions that you ask because we’re on autopilot. We automatically ask these questions all of the time every minute of every day.You just have asked a question yourselves - have you not ? Were conditioned or even hypnotized , we need to be unconditioned. We need to be aware of who you’re being. You need to be aware of the questions you ask yourself on a constant basis. Small changes will have a big impact in your life.

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