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Comment by VIE Visionary Healer, writer ... on October 27, 2018 at 6:52pm

“I’ve spent decades building, establishing my frequency healing and energy medicine Institute, in creating a new therapy (Bio-Qi therapy) that bridges the gap of the new era where diseases plague the world and the drugs poison the body, and a unique way of being seen in the world. My mission is for you, to help you find your way to the golden age. To awaken you in expanding your mind with my books. To get your body to self-heal naturally with a new method more adapted that boosts your immune system, re-balances your body frequency, reconnect your DNA strands, raises your energy, activates your pineal gland, aligns your chakras, cleans your aura and detox your body. It’s Erasing your traumas, stress, pain, and makes you find your path easily.
The world is changing. A huge battle has taken place behind the veil with spiritual warriors. A gigantic battle with a group of Pleiadians and Arcturians have cleaned up a very ingenious satanic hacking system of entities that were molesting, harassing and messing with humans. The realm was identified and dealt with, still, the Archangels continue and are very busy.
I have worked all these years to establish a global presence with this epic experience to be seen and known for improving lives, enlightening people, and my therapy sessions.
As you know there is a serious attack on holistic and complementary modalities and anything bringing knowledge or self-growth. And things have become very difficult to continue with my presence reduced invisible to clients in need of my work. Today I am appealing to your generosity and also to your support in sharing to everyone around you, and in asking them to freely contribute of $1-3-5 or more, and to share our mission, share our work to others that could benefit from, and that will also contribute. It will just take one second to click and contribute with a donation and share by texting, e-mailing, posting on social media... Thank you. 
God Bless you. In Light and Love always.”


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