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when they ask you for legal advice but now you get paid commissions. 
What if you had your own Legal Department — attorneys to ensure you dot all i’s and cross all t’s before the transaction, to ensureYOUR interests are looked afterDURING the purchase or sale, and to help handle all of the countless surprisesAFTER you own the house?  All without you having to worry about what theattorneys will cost to make your life and investment stress free.  
when a client has a legal question or issue you can direct then to your legal shield website adding value to your relationship with the customer. You also recieve adavanced commsions, overrides and residual income.
What if you had your own Legal Department — attorneys to ensure you dot all i’s and cross all t’s before the transaction, to ensureYOUR interests are looked after DURING the purchase or sale, and to help handle all of the countless surprises AFTER you own the house?  All without you having to worry about what the attorneys will cost to make your life and investment stress free.  
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It’s been said that if you had 100 million dollars, it would be wise to spend 1 million to keep the other 99. Everyone knows that buying a home involves major investment, and many unknowns.  Sudden expenses, unforeseen costs and liabilities can pop up during or after the transaction.  It’s not IF but WHEN.  Have you ever seen the 1990 movie Pacific Heights?  It was the real estate horror story.  So how do you protect yourself and your bottom line?

  • Review contracts or addenda
  • Review drafts of leases on rentals
  • Answer questions about landlord/tenant laws
  • Rent collection letters to tenants who won’t pay on time
  • Security deposit issues
  • Creating an LLC to hold your property separate from you
  • Warranty company not honoring its terms
  • County permits
  • Evictions
  • Reviewing contracts with contractors for improvements before signing
  • Tax questions

Do you enjoy paying $200-$300 per hour to consult with attorneys on these and other topics? Or do you just choose not to even make the phone call due to the expense?  Knowledge is power … and you need to be in the power seat when dealing with real estate.  Smart money is protected money.  So using attorneys is a must, but paying the high costs is not.  LegalShield gives you the ability to pick up the phone and get the assistance as you need it – without stress, and without the typical bill.  For a small monthly fee, you can have this access.  It is true empowerment.

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