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Health in the New Era and beyond.

Expanding your Mind, activating your Merkaba and being Reconnected to the Quantum Matrix.

Our purpose is to awaken new Frequencies, then for you to embrace the Light & Sound of creation to expand consciousness.

The Merkabah Vehicle is the means for ascending the physical body out of the 3rd dimension and for travelling to higher dimensional planes . Our Merkabah Vehicle is in essence our own inter-dimensional star-craft.

As we awaken to our higher dimensional selves, we begin to build our Merkabah. This process is also greatly assisted by vibratory cleansing, emotional healing, karmic trans-mutation and the detoxification of harmful substances from our bodies. This then activates dormant DNA strands within our Being and our Light Body is activated. And those receptive to the energy given through our Light sessions will be able to access the vibration of Christ Consciousness through the power of a specific Archimedean Solid (a Sacred Geometry form)

“Bio-Light Qi” re-establish the Qi energy that has been disrupted, restores it and brings back the proper flow where it's needed without the discomfort of needles. It is a non invasive therapy adapted to your own frequency. More over it is a vibratory transformation that works at cellular levels. Bloods is cleansed, immune system is boosted, emotions and stress are relieves.

Color harmonic is frequency. Because our body is holographic in nature it needs to be addressed with Sacred Geometry, and Sound is energy and frequency. Each organs in the body corresponds to a specific color and a specific meridians points. If one organ is lacking a color, symptom appears. For example Kidneys is red. And all music notes are colors.

I have Divine knowledge that can help you through my spiritual teaching. I chose to do my work from the level of the highest consciousness, where love reigns supreme. My wisdom extends back into the far reaches of time. I have brought this knowledge into this present incarnation. I am a metaphysical intuitive healer gifted of the new vibratory transformation healing frequency. Author, of several books and musician. I am an expert of the Light & Sound frequency and sacred geometry,. I channel the Divine Light and Love, and a master teacher gifted with the unique ability of speaking the language of the Light.

I am here with a mission “I am the door to the Divine” I am VIE ( Dr. of Light)


407-902 7199

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