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PLease allow me to introduce you, my two New books and my CD "Frequency of Sound"

As an author, I would like to introduce to you my new books “Destiny of the doG” and “9.1.1. Complete Guide to Natural Healing” and my CD “Frequency of Sound”

Destiny of the doG by VIE” is the fascinating, historical, mesmerizing and semi-autobiographical journey. It is a guide for truth-seekers, a thriller, spiritual treatise and a book of prophecy all rolled into one. It is Dan Brown meets Erich von Däniken.
The book follows, a metaphysical light and vibration healer, from her unexpected first meeting with the Archangel Michael, to the end of days. Through "Her" journey, you will learn about who really controls the global economy, the media, schools, churches, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies.
Earth is a light and vibrational grid matrix, an energetic blueprint of all life. However, the energy of the earth is changing. There is a never-ending battle between good and evil. Pharmaceutical drugs are losing their effect on people. Many illnesses unexplained today are linked to the ingestion of drugs. Perfect health is accessible through holistic therapies and natural methods, including music, light and bio sound therapy, essential oils and aromatherapy. In addition to being a conspiracy theory thriller, “Destiny of the doG” seeks to educate the public on healthier ways to live, to defragment old programming and to replace it with light and sound frequencies. This is referred to as Biostimulation.

9.1.1. Complete guide to Natural Healing by VIE: This guide is about truth and facts.
Children are poisoned at birth with vaccination shots that contain mercury,
aluminum ...Vitamin D deficiency link to mortality, the swine flu vaccine has a
component called (MF-59) proven to cause autoimmune diseases like lupus. Mercury
creates cerebral damaged and illness like Alzheimer or Parkinson disease and cause autism on babies.
About the frequency of the body, how to activate your DNA, the
activation of your pineal gland. What are Sound frequencies, what is the importance of:
the Music, Light, and Bio sound Therapy, Chromotherapy, Phosphenes, Essential Oils,
Aromatherapy Extract of Flower Essences, various techniques and Methods available
today and how to use it.

CD Frequency of Sound by VIE: contains a sonic foundation for transformation, healing and reconnection to the Divine. The frequency of Sound is a color vibrational balancing frequency imprinted of the language of the light. We have made the language of the Light available to all through our music CD.

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