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Perhaps it’s ego driven or perhaps a sense of purpose, but after much time scrolling the threads of others on Facebook and Twitter – and participating to a degree – I have a need to express my views in a forum of my choosing.  And while other forums provide opportunity to discuss issues, they also cater to a hit-and-run mentality.  Post a photo of morning breakfast, provide an update on traffic, and lob a “grenade” of discourse – whether or not you understand the subject matter.

As I prefer thoughtful discussion based on humility and consideration,  I’ve decided to establish a blog.  Of course, I can’t think – or write – unless I unleash my inner 12-year old, so a bit of immaturity and tongue-in-cheek should be expected.  I can and will say anything.  And if readers don’t like what I have to say, they can challenge my thoughts – as I would encourage them to do – or they can move on to something more entertaining such as YouTube.  I understand cat dancing is all the craze.

I’m not sure who’s going to read this blog.  I’ll certainly encourage others – no matter their views – to participate.  Of course, the more people view the blog, the more pressure I’ll put on myself to produce new items.  Then I’ll want to make it pretty with photos and change its title to something clever.  It’s a monumental undertaking, not to be taken lightly, then again if you’re one to take most things lightly, it’s simply a monumental undertaking.

No matter its appearance, I hope others choose to participate.  I’m interested in your thoughts, even those based on one-sided websites put together by no-name groups for the purpose of influencing the mindless to pursue a course of action generally outside their best interests.   What do you think?  Why do you think the way you do?  How did you come about the way you think?  How does it directly affect your life?  How do those who influence your way of thinking benefit from your support?

So much to consider.  So few snacks in the cupboard.  Until next time.

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