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Men Mentors Step up to stop Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is generally categorized as a “woman’s issue.” That statement could not be further from the truth. Domestic violence is an issue that affects the entire family. Men actually can play a crucial role in helping to bring a stop to domestic violence. In most communities men play the intricate part in families that are dealing with and supporting domestic violence. For whatever reason, men have become programmed to believe they are not supposed to get involved. Furthermore, it twice as hard to get men to join the fight against domestic violence. It is high time for men to stop playing the sidelines of silence and play an active role in stopping domestic violence.


Most men do not realize how crucial they are to domestic violence prevention. Men are more likely to listen to other men when it comes to the perpetration of domestic violence. As an unspoken rule, men to tend to have an unwavering influence over the development of their children especially their sons. Men can be positive role models. They can do more than just saying “don’t put your hands on woman.” While that is great positive advice, it could move mountains if more men were not afraid to step outside of the norm. Take a vocal stand against domestic abuse. Speak out against domestic violence in the home. Induce change from, the social norms that generally support abuse. Accept a leadership role in a civic organization. Become a mentor to a young man who lacks a positive role model in his life. Contribute to erasing the negative stereotypes that the man is the "king of the castle.” Help the next generation to embrace social equality in relationships. Educate that respect is a two way street and equality in a relationship is healthy not control.


While the vast majority of men are not violent, they are also silent. That needs to change. Even though there is only a minority of men who perpetrate violence against women the results are still beyond devastating.  Unfortunately, the small group of men who define being masculine by “keeping there woman in check”, and being in control continues to grow. The alarming number of young men who lack guidance and adopt this way of thinking to “fit in” manifests it.


Speaking Out, Standing up, and Supporting change do NOT  make you look weak, it shows you have character and defines being a man!


For more information on men taking a stand against domestic violence visit the websites below:


White Ribbon Campaign


Men Stopping Violence


Men Against Violence

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