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Anil Gupta Speaks About Teenagers, and How We Judge Through Filters

We all have filters. What do I mean by a filter? It means this. If I asked you a question, what do you think of teenagers? Yeah, their loud, they are arrogant, they are misguided, they are irresponsible all that stuff. Correct? Sure. Now, the way I look at teenagers is this. They are kind, misunderstood, hardworking, living in a world that is changing month to month to month. That’s how I look at teenagers. Now, imagine I looked at the world through my eyes feeling that they were bad people. How would I treat teenagers? Badly! How would I see them? Badly! But if I looked at it through my other set of eyes where they were kind, considerate, gentle, misunderstood I would look at the same teenager in a different way. It’s the same teenager but depending on which set of eyes I look through would determine how I feel about them. So we all have filters and we have filters for everything. We have filters for the postman. We have filters for the boss. We have filters for the in laws . We have filters for our spouse. We have filters for our children. We have different filters for each child. We have filters for our Mothers, Fathers, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, our co-workers. We have filters for everybody. Do you now see that ?

Once you appreciate and you’re aware, and awareness is the key here , that you have this particular filter you can decide how to respond . What is the truth or is it based on something that happened in the past? Was it a filter that doesn’t serve me? By being aware you’re able to remove that filter if you want to. You don’t have to. But if you do remove that filter the situation will change. Your feelings will change. Your perception of that person will change. And if your perceptions of that person changes your relationship will change. And if your relationship changes that could benefit you immensely. So ultimately it’s up to you. You are the common denominator in every relationship that you have. And you are the common denominator in every relationship that you could have and will have. By changing the way you look at things or you look at people or the filters that you have will determine the quality of those relationships that you have with those people and the quality of the relationship that you have with yourself. You’ll be more at peace, more fulfilled, happier.

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