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What you Don't Know WILL Hurt You
or... why every business professional can benefit from a Private Investigative Specialist

The popular conception of private investigators conjures up images of trench coats, fedoras, high-speed chases in high-end cars, shoot-outs, and meetings with seedy informants in dark alleys on the wrong side of town.

Who doesn’t love Humphrey Bogart’s portrayal of Sam Spade in the Maltese Falcon? He and other film noir characters epitomize the Private Detective stereotype. Add to this the likes of Jim Rockford and Tom Magnum, and you have makings of a profession of legends.

Although they can be fun, such legends can obscure the reality of what private investigators do, and the important services they provide. All professions evolve over time, and the investigative profession has too. Today’s investigative professional is a far cry from the stereotypes mentioned above.

In business, not recognizing these changes can cause an individual or organization to overlook a valuable business asset and resource. Today’s businesses run on information, and a modern investigative professional is a great source of information. He is an information gatherer and provider, often using high-tech and innovative means, as well as, more traditional means.

While most businesses recognize the necessity of IT and HR professionals, many have not yet come to realize how critical it is to acquire accurate information. A private investigative professional can help. He is an off-site information resource specialist. It would be helpful to think of the professional investigator as your Information Acquisition (IA) department: your own private intelligence department if you will.

Countless businesses greatly benefit from such a relationship with a private investigator. Consider a few of the areas where a professional investigator could provide some much-needed intelligence for your business:

Prospective Employees: Pre-employment background checks, reference checks, education and past employment verification

Current Employees: Activity checks, non-compete compliance, loss prevention, mystery shopper service, worker’s compensation fraud, and GPS vehicle tracking (for company assets)

Former Employees: Non-compete compliance, and intellectual property rights

Competitors: Competitive intelligence analysis, trademark and trade-name infringement, competitive mystery shops

Customers: Loss prevention

Prospective Associates or Partners: Due diligence research, including background checks, financial histories, associations, affiliations, and reputation

General Business: Skip-trace and debtor/creditor location, asset location, general liability claims investigation, computer forensic (activity) examinations, computer tracking software, bug and camera sweeps (technical surveillance counter measures), closed circuit television (C.C.T.V.) security systems, anti-piracy investigation and, last but not least, executive protection .

There are many additional types of information and services provided by private investigators that could be added to this list. Ultimately, a private investigator can help make your job easier, by helping you make better informed decisions, helping make your operation more efficient, preventing loss, and helping increase your bottom line.

In todays world, though, with tight budgets and shrinking bottom lines, owners and managers are often reluctant to spend even a modest amount of money on vulnerabilities they have not considered, or on services they do not fully understand. However, the stark reality is that in today’s business climate, what you don’t know can (and eventually probably will) hurt you. Ignorance, my friend, is not bliss. Ben Franklin’s famous adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” is possibly more relevant today that when he first penned it.

If you have ever found yourself saying “If I could only find out. . .,” or worse yet, “I wish I had known. . . ,” then you need a professional investigator in your corner. If you have said these things, call a private investigator today. You will sleep easier tonight.

For more information, contact Peter Cerone
Access Investigative Services

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