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Money and financial freedom have been and continue to be very hot topics for today’s families. Everywhere you look, magazine covers are screaming with stories about getting rich, building wealth, smart investing, saving yourself from the potential mortgage collapse, saving for retirement—on and on they go. We live in a world where the rich are getting richer and the middle class is slowly morphing into the “over-my-head-in-debt” class.

The reality is there has never been more opportunity to create wealth than there is today. The opportunity to create that wealth is in understanding the difference between wealth building and debt building.

Having a genuine opportunity to accumulate wealth comes from making the decision to start now. It is never too late. Your first step is to accept the challenge and begin. Many who have attended our Financial Freedom University workshop have accepted the challenge and made that decision. Since attending the workshop, hundreds of Marketing Executives have already made significant progress in turning from debt builders to wealth builders.

To get started, take small steps to begin seeing your money differently. An exercise I like to do is stop swiping the card—use CASH! We become robots with our shopping habits. Most of us never write down the amount in our register; we swipe and move on.

Recently, a national ad shows everything moving in rhythm as shoppers swipe their credit or debit cards as they check out. The commercial shows that this process allows the line of shoppers to move in harmony (like a lovely orchestra). Suddenly someone pulls out cash and the whole rhythm breaks down, causing a backup of customers and a breakdown in the flow. Their message is swiping makes things work smoothly and cash slows everything down. Very smart advertising for the credit card companies! The fact is we spend 18–50 percent more on everyday purchases when we swipe our credit or debit cards instead of using cash. Our brains do not make the immediate connection between the swipe and actual decrease of money in our account. But when cash is exchanged we feel and see the impact immediately.

If you find yourself off the side of the road, watching others zoom by building their own wealth, it’s time for you to get on the road and get started. So, how do you begin? For the next 90 days, commit yourself to the 90-Day Cash Challenge! Use cash everywhere you can. Give yourself a weekly allowance of cash for groceries, gas, eating out, entertainment, clothing etc. Use other forms of payment for your bills and mortgage. For all daily expenses use cash. If you are like most who start this process you will experience significant spending behavior changes as you try to make your cash last to the end of the week. Make a game of it. Have some fun in finding creative ways to save money. For example, share meals when eating out with your spouse, buy from the value menu at fast food restaurants, reduce snacking, bring your lunch to work, find bargains, use coupons. Be creative in your entertainment, like taking a drive or making homemade pizza instead of eating out at expensive restaurants.

At the end of the 90-Day Challenge you will not have only saved hundreds of dollars, but your perspective about money and your ability to make better financial decisions will be significantly better. You will be on the road to a rich life.

Let us introduce you to a way to save or make a significant amount of money over the course of the next year by making one simple decision. Making the appointment! The information is FREE. Contact us at:

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