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Men Mentors Step up to stop Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is generally categorized as a “woman’s issue.” That statement could not be further from the truth. Domestic violence is an issue that affects the entire family. Men actually can play a crucial role in helping to bring a stop to domestic violence. In most communities men play the intricate part in families that are dealing with and supporting domestic violence. For whatever reason, men have become programmed to believe they are not supposed to get involved.…


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A Surprising View on Domestic Violence

As we all know domestic violence is a very sensitive subject. There are people who experience violence, activist who truly are devoted to awareness and ending domestic violence, and there are those who just love to talk about what they truly do not know. I am sure it is easy to guess which one I have a zero tolerance for. I am extremely opened minded, and love to hear what people have to say. However, when it exudes ignorance, and contributes the misconceptions that exist about…


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Know the Laws for Family Violence

Successfully, escaping domestic violence requires planning. Part of the planning is knowing what laws are out there and how they can assist you.

The United States congress has successfully passed two major laws relating to domestic violence, and women in particular. The first law you should know about is the Family Violence Prevention and Services Act. The second is the Violence Against Women Act. While both laws significantly impact the change in the fight against domestic violence,…


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Many Teens Minimize Domestic Violence

On average teenagers downplay domestic violence. Many either do not know the signs or neglect to adhere to the warning signs that they have an abusive partner.  “It can’t happen to me” or “That’s someone else’s problem” is the general misconception many teens take on the topic. Although domestic violence may be discussed in a health class, D.A.R.E class (Drug Abuse Resistance Education), or assembly it generally is taken with a “grain of salt” by most teens as they believe it could not be…


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Fruit From the Poisonous Tree: Domestic Violence and Bullying




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It Not Your Fault!

I feel the need to make a quick outreach for someone. I am not sure who. Someone, somewhere needs to hear this. IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT! I am speaking of the abuse. We have now come to know 1 in 4 women have experienced domestic violence  in her lifetime. Sadly, a woman is beat every 15 seconds by her husband or partner in the United States. This particular blog  is intended for those of you who find yourself at a crossroads. You are feeling, confused, hurt,…


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The Faceless, Nameless, Victim

When a crime of domestic violence is committed that ends in murder, it can easily become a headline. Headlines vary, there is the national level like the O.J. Simpson phenomenon, and then there is the local news. In either facet the victim of the crime quickly becomes obsolete.

 In the beginning of the investigations and court hearings it is often vocalized that this is all about the…


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Healthy vs. Unhealthy Relationships

Many people strive for the "perfect relationship" The problem is there is no such thing as a "perfect relationship". There is only the illusion of a perfect relationship. This factor is one of many that contributes to an unhealthy relationship. People seek the illusion and are willing to sacrifice themselves to get it.

It is easy to blur the lines of between a healthy and unhealthy relationship. It is not unusual for a person to mistake a unhealthy relationship for a healthy one. The…


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Bullying : The Misconception,The Pain, The Suicides, ~ It's Taking Over Our Kids

Suicide among our youth is sadly on the rise. Many of these suicides are directly the result of a kid with a still developing mind, feeling he or she is out of options. Unfortunately, too many adolescents (yes I said adolescents) and teens are often coached into committing suicide by their peers. I know that statement is very debatable. There are some people who may argue no one can “coach” you into committing this heinous act. However if suicide is ever considered an option the person is…


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The Reason She Stays

When domestic violence is discussed  in any setting there is always one underlying question. Why does she stay?  Many have the general attitude of "if a man hit EVER put his hands on me, I'd be gone". I have also heard things like, "I'd have him locked up, and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law." Another opinion people are so quickly to offer is "well if she would have pressed charges that would have ended it." All I can say to those comments are wishful thinking. Wishful thinking…


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Be Computer Smart

Technology is continually changing. Accordingly, computers have become an essential part of everyday living. Things such as paper phone books, and maps have been replaced with Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and electronic tablets. Looking for that new restaurant? Perhaps that new hit music single or shoes. Maybe your trying to locate that old friend. How about that news or weather update. It's simple. Google It!

While  technology has become a magnificent tool of…


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