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Most people buy a computer. However, most do not use it to produce income! That means most people do not receive the full value from their computer(s). Remember too, the term computer includes an All-In-One, Desktop, Laptop, Smart Phone, Smart TV, Smart Watch and an Android or IPad Tablet!
While it is wonderful to buy a Computer, it is also important to use it (New or Old) to increase your income. You may not start out making $10,000 yearly on your PC. But it is still important to start using your computer to increase your income. While most computer owners think that “I must buy a new computer in order to make money”, that is not always true. Most people think a computer is obsolete simply because “It’s old”! That is false. The laptop I use is a Dell Latitude E6420 that was built in the year 2011. I bought it used in March 2018. I have not made any major changes. The only changes I have made are 1) It came with The Microsoft Windows 7 Operating System. In May 2018, I upgraded the Operating System to Microsoft Windows 8. Then in June 2017, I upgraded the operating system to Windows 10. I upgraded the operating System. 2) I Increased the RAM from 4 GB to 8 GB (and that was dzone with RAM from another non working Laptop) and 3) I took out the SATA Hard Disk Drive and replaced it with an SSD Hard Drive. Just to let you know, from power on, to logging in to starting a new document in Microsoft Word only takes two minutes. You can also open an Internet Browser (Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Apple Safari (and yes there is a version of Apple Safari for Microsoft Corporation Computers) simultaneously.
When PC Aid OF FL (PCAIDFL) build or upgrade a computer, we insure it is ready for everything the user (You or someone else) will do on it and then some! At PCAIDFL we believe a PC should take you at least 5 years into the future! Keep that in mind when you buy a computer from us. We will do a free evaluation of your PC. Go to, complete the form or call us at (407) 537-9419 XT 2 to schedule an appointment. You can also book a service appointment at
I said all of that to say as a “Business Tool” every computer should always make at least enough to pay for itself each and every month. That your computer should help you bring in 10X value dollars everyday it is in your possession! If your PC is not helping you produce 10X its value daily, then look at for ideas on using your computer to start adding actual money to your bank account.
Also, don`t allow your decisions in life to only be influenced by aesthetics or beauty. While that may or not be the first thing you see, keep in mind only a small portion of people are consistently driving a 2019 or newer vehicle. Most people drive the vehicle they can afford. And while we are talking about the vehicle people drive, who would pay $50 per month to drive their dream car? Yes, I asked how many would pay $50 per month to have a company pay for a car with a value of up to $75,000? For those that are interested go to to learn how you can pay $50/mo to drive your dream car. Exciting, huh! Starting with the video, go thru the material. Take notes and formulate any questions. Then contact me at your leisure (407) 537-9419 xt 3. Should you choose you can sign up there as well! I look forward to working with you in any capacity!!

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