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Working with a Disability Blog --Working From Home – It is a suitable job!

Working From Home – It is a suitable job!

Work at home used to mean commissioned sales. Or debt collecting. That is no longer true. The kinds of jobs that can be done from home are virtually unlimited. The key being virtually. Now that the workplace has been redefined by the computer and phone, anyone with a will and a way can get a job. How?

First, on-line training. Many of you out there can learn how to type, word process, browse the Internet and send e-mails with attachments. I know these sound basic but for someone who likes to talk on the phone and could easily input information into a database, there are thousands of jobs waiting for you! If you already know how to do these things, then all the better.

With a land-line phone and good headset, there are jobs for people who like gaming, who can provide phone support; jobs for those who like to make reservations; or for those who like to help customers shop for the holiday rush!

Getting access to these jobs is easy if you are on Social Security Disability benefits (SSDI/SSI) and want to return to work!! The Social Security Administration’s Ticket To Work program certifies Employment Networks and pays them to help beneficiaries find a job. A complete list of certified Employment Networks can be accessed at

In a nutshell, the program, called Ticket To Work, let’s you keep your benefits and try out working again. You assign your personal ‘Ticket’ to to an Employment Network and they help you find a suitable job.

Working at home can be a suitable job. Think about it. Beyond all the financial rewards of not commuting, many people on Social Security Disability stay at home and that isn’t as easy as it sounds. Having a lot of time on one’s hand, not a clear sense of purpose, and not enough money coming in from cash benefits – can be disheartening.

Working at home solves all that. You go into the room, you shut the door and you are at work for your shift. When you leave it, your home. You have made money and you feel good about having worked and look forward to the next paycheck. If you are worried about computer requirements, don’t be. Upgrades, if necessary, rarely cost more than a $100.

If you have the desire to work and currently receive disability benefits (SSDI or SSI) and are between the ages of 18-64, now is the perfect time to cash in your Ticket and try working in some industry from home. You can work for cable companies, hotels, service businesses, national merchants and even jobs with the government! Employment Networks with good employer relationships have access to these jobs!

Work at home jobs have come a long way from commission sales. It is “the behind the scenes” work that is desperately needed during the holiday season. Companies are hiring now. Don’t delay and miss this window of opportunity!

Let’s get a dialogue going!

Remember, the more we share, the more we empower each other!

Lori Adler
Disabled Ticket to Work Participant
Employment Options Public Relations

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