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Protecting and enhancing your smartphone!!

Why would you want to protect and enhance your Smartphone.  You first want to make sure your Smartphone can physically handle every App you download and install.

            1)         Wikipedia defines a Smartphone as a mobile phone that is built on a Mobile                                                                                                             Computing Platform

            2)         Any computing platform should be protected and enhanced simultaneously.                                     That includes data backup, protecting your contacts and malware protection.

            3)         Keeps your device available for telephone calls .

            4)         Allows you to view or create documents while on the go.

Here are some steps to protect and enhance your Smartphone.

            1)         Download an app like Google Lookout.  Google Lookout does the following:

                                    a.         Malware protection for your Smartphone.

                                    b.         It can be set to back up your phone contacts and your pictures.

                                    c.         You want to register with Google Lookout for other features.

                                                1)         Allows you to view and edit your contacts.

                                                2)         Another place to view your call records.

                                                3)         Should you misplace your Smartphone and it is on a                                                                        wireless network then you can make it "scream." This is                                                        another method to help you locate your Smartphone.

                                                4)         It automatically backs up your contacts and pictures                                                                        weekly. Remember I said Data backup is number 1.

                                    d.         It scans every other App that you download and install on your                                                       Smartphone.

2)         Download an App like 2X Battery.  This helps you monitor your battery.  I.e., it is now       4:54 PM on 8/6/12 and 2X Battery shows me that my battery is at 63% and will last another 6.5 hours.

3)         Look in your Apps Menu for a Task Manager.  If a Task Manager is not present to the App Store and download one.

            a.         This lets you view and close Apps you are not currently using such as IM, etc.

            b.         By closing the currently unused apps (Apps that are not immediately used) this                             frees resources and saves power.

4)         Set your phone to read all your email accounts, Gmail, MSN Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.  For      instance Gmail settings also gives you the option to back up your photos to your Google    Drive (Space on Google server via your Gmail login.

5)         Either use only one calendar for all of your appointments or sync them all to your            Smartphone. Never set an appointment before checking your calendar. This keeps you from overbooking yourself for the same hour.

6)         Download other Apps, such as for your Bank, PayPal, traffic, etc. 

            a.         Usually your bank App will give you the ability to

                        1)         Check your balance.

                        2)         Transfer money between accounts.

                        3)         Deposit checks right from your Smartphone.

                        4)         Pay bills from your bank account, etc.

            b.         If you have a PayPal Account (property of it also gives you the                          above features plus the ability to transfer money to family and friends that also                           have a PayPal Account for free.  Also if you have a PayPal account, order the                                PayPal Debit Card (MasterCard Logo) for use whenever there are funds in your                                  PayPal Account.  Of course being a debit card you can use it at the gas station                                    and other retail outlets.

            c.         The Traffic App lets you view traffic in a few minutes. The bad spots, alternate                             routes, etc.

            d.         If you are comfortable with it you can keep up with social Media from your                                  Smartphone. Sometimes with an app, sometimes in the browser.


These are just a few ideas to enhance your Smartphone and ultimately your life.  For other Apps  to enhance your phone either ask me or go to the Apps Market for your Device. 


George Page

PC Aid Of FL

(407) 459-1318

"All Your Computer Needs At Your Door" My slogan

Quality Work At Great Prices.

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