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Increase your CASH FLOW & KEEP MORE of your Money - do it NOW!

Increase your CASH FLOW & KEEP MORE of your Money - do it NOW! Did you know that just having a part time or home based business adds (on average) about $10,000 in new tax deductions to your tax return? This is out of money you already spend... and it could potentially translate into over 6 figures!
Have you thought what that can mean to YOU?

If you are in a 25% tax bracket putting $10,000 in new deductions on your tax return will net you (on average) about $2500. cash in your pocket just through those tax deductions alone... not counting any money you make IN that part time or side-business.

As a small business owner you have the potential to deduct:

~~ Automobile expenses,
~~ entertainment expenses,
~~ travel expenses,
~~ education,
~~ HEALTH care costs,
~~ a percentage of your utilities, your mortgage or rent, your lawncare, in fact there are
~~ over 100 LEGAL ETHICAL tax deductions you can take as a small business owner!

If you ALREADY HAVE a business... did you know the TYPICAL small business person OVER-PAYS their taxes by more than $11,000 (cash) per year because they don't identify and track all the deductions they are ENTITLED to?

What could YOU do with an extra $2500 -$11,000+ a year? Well, for one thing, you could easily reduce a 30 year mortgage to under 12 years. In fact, if you have a $200,000, 30 year mortgage at 6%... an extra $10K a year in income applied to that mortgage would REDUCE the interest you pay on that mortgage by $153,699.00 and take over 18 years off your mortgage!

So what could you do with an extra $153,000 over your lifetime?
What could you do if you were completely DEBT FREE with a free and clear home in less than 12 years?

Now what if you don't "invest" that money into getting debt free? What else could you do with an extra $10K, or more, a year? Enjoy life more? Help your kids go to college. Travel?

Have YOU considered starting a business, or DID you start a business, in part to take advantage of these deductions but you want to properly learn how to MAXIMIZE them? Well now there is a tool to help you, and EVERY small business owner and self employed person get their business working for THEM, increase SALES and referrals, and KEEP more of their hard earned money.

It is called "BiZPack"

Why am I so excited? Because BizPack is one of the most UNIQUE business products to come on the market. WHY? Two reasons:

1) "BizPack" is a "Business ToolKit" that any business can use to better market their business... MAKE more money... and KEEP more of their money. It has 6 different features including "uDeduct" a tax tracking and educational software program designed to help businesspeople identify and track ALL of the tax deductions they are legally ENTITLED to.

2) "BizPack" is also a BUSINESS ITSELF

You can be up and running within 3 minutues and on your way to potentially earning hundreds, or even thousands, in monthly income... but simply showing others this amazing program!

What did T. Harv Eker say about this?
"This is the BEST business I have seen in DECADES."

....WHO is T. Harv Eker?
Only the author of NY Times best selling book: "Secrets of the Millionaire Mind"

SO... what could the "BizPack" business DO for YOUR bottom line?

Here is a "hypothetical"...

$10,000 in new tax deductions because you are now self employed in a part time business
$500 a month in extra cash flow (just part time fooling around with it)

That would equal $1333. in monthly cash flow.
Use that toward your mortgage (as described above) and you could..

~~ reduce mortgage to a little over 9 years and
~~ save over $176,000 in mortgage interest.

If you are paying attention here... you have to realize this is a really CONSERVATIVE example on both numbers.

So... how much is a few hundred a month in cash flow worth?

You be the judge!


You will have a replicated site like the one above... INSTANTLY!
You are now "IN BUSINESS"

NOTE: Email me at: and tell me you are coming on board and you will also receive, from me, a 16 page "Tax & Marketing" Guide AND the BizPack COMMISSION schedule. Got questions? CALL! 407-275-2956


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