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Got Debt? Top 10 Questions to Ask Yourself.

United First Financial has an award winning program to help American's get out of debt.... BUT is it right for everyone? Is it right for YOU?

Lowering debt INCREASES your cash flow. There are numerous reasons why you should focus on getting out of debt... besides the obvious one that you should be KEEPING more of your money yourself.

Here are 10 Questions to ask yourself to see if UFirst can help make this easier for you.

1) The average American spends over 32.5% of their cash flow to pay interest on debt. What percentage of your income goes to pay the interest payments on your mortgage and other debts? If you have a fairly new mortgage of $150,000 or higher, you are paying over $1000 a month in interest. Now add the interest payments for car loans and credit card debt. Would you rather be keeping that money and have increased cash flow?

2) How would your life be in different if you had no debt? What would be your top 3 priorities for that money? Retirement fund? Kids college? Travel? Would you like to start focusing on these things now... rather than later?

3) If you have a PLAN already in place to pay off your debt faster... have you fallen short of your goals with that plan? What IS the date you are currently on track to be debt free by? Have you even figured it out?

4) Do you sometimes spend money on "impulse" purchases that you later regret?

5) Has your FICO (credit) score taken a "hit" because you do ANY of the following.... sometimes pay bills late, you are getting closer to being "maxed out" or because your property values, HELOC or credit limits have been lowered recently? A recent study showed that a 100 point difference in a credit score can cost a family over $250,000 in additional interest payments over a lifetime, due to higher interest rates charged on mortgage and debts. Would it be helpful to you if your credit score was higher so that your interest payments were lower?

6) If you could pay off ALL your debts in as little as 1/3 to 1/2 the time, without refinancing and without changing your budget or lifestyle... would you be willing to invest 30 minutes of your time to look at a way you could do that?

7) Statistics show that only 5-10% of people are able to consistently stick to an accelerated debt pay down plan, financial plan, or budget. Would you say that, generally, you are not as disciplined as you would like to be?

8) Albert Einstein said... "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Would you agree with that statement?

9) Some people believe everything they read on the internet. For you.... do you do your own research and due diligence before you form an opinion? Do you like to see the "bottom line?" When you see awards like the "Entrepreneur of the Year" award from ERNST & YOUNG and you see awards from National Financial publications... do they hold more weight, in your mind, than bloggers on the internet?

10) If you could be debt free in less than half the time, if you could save thousands in interest payments, if you could do that without refinancing, if your credit score did not come into play (no credit report required), if you could do this without changing your lifestyle AND, if all the above could be proven to you to your satisfaction... would you be willing to spend the next 10 minutes sharing your "debt numbers" (balances & interest rates) so that you could receive a report showing exactly what day you could be debt free?

If the answers to most of the questions above were "Yes" ...then it is highly likely that the program from United First Financial could be the right one for you... and help you achieve your financial goals much more quickly.

Want to find out NOW if this program can help you?


Send us the following numbers to receive your free ANALYSIS. This report does not require you share any "personal" information... or any information that would lead to identity theft. It does not need any ss numbers, account numbers, in fact it does not even need your last name or address.

All this report needs is your debt and income numbers (a good guesstimate is fine)

Send the following numbers to:
Subject Line: Analysis from Connections Groups site

Your name (first is fine):
Your email:
Phone (optional):

If you have a MORTGAGE...
About when did you get it? ________ 30yr? 20yr?: _____
Original balance: ________ Current Balance: ________
Interest rate: _____ Payment: ________
Does that payment include taxes & insurance? _____
What do you pay monthly for the taxes & insurance? ________

If you have a HELOC or 2nd mortgage...
About when did you get it? ________ 30yr? 20yr? 10yr?: _____
Original balance: ________ Current Balance: ________
Interest rate: _____ Payment: ________
Is it a HELOC (line of credit)? ________

Other Debts:

Type of loan (car, student, etc): ________
About when did you get it? ________ 10yr, 5yr?: _____
Original balance: ________ Current Balance: ________
Interest rate: _____ Payment: ________

Credit Cards:
Balance: ________
Interest rate: ________
What are you paying each month: ________
(fill out for each card or OK lump/average together)

We don not need your "gross" income. We just need to know
how much you have left over, that you deposit in the bank, after
taxes, insurance, 401K, or any other "with-held" amounts.
Monthly "Take home" Pay: ________
Do you get paid once per month, weekly, bi-weekly or semi-monthly? ________

This is how much you truly have left over at the end of the month.
This is after entertainment, shopping, impulse purchases, etc.
In other words, this is what you would move over into your savings
account at the end of the month because you really didn't spend it.
It is OK if it is a small amount... even $10 or $100.
Discretionary (left over) at month end: ________

Do you have savings that is not earmarked for an investment or
retirement account? If so, round number: ________

Send the numbers to:
Subject Line: Analysis from Connections Groups site

Your name (first is fine):
Your email:
Phone (optional):

Let us know if you prefer to be contacted via email, or phone.
If phone, indicate the best time to call.

Questions: Sue @ 407-443-0348


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