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Get there EARLY for these great SPEAKERS at the "Back to Business" EXPO on Friday, June 12th

This is what happened at the Back to Business EXPO - June 12th
9:30 AM to 2:30 PM

@ Belly Busters in Winter Park
1870 State Road 436

More info & Event page: Click for "Back to Business"

9:30 AM - “Social Media Marketing Explosion” ... Bo Cable
Do you want to increase your online influence, create raving fans & pocket more cash?
Social media is hotter than ever before - yet few know how to use it to build influence & wealth.
You NEED to learn how to use Social Media effectively!
You need to spread your message online, - SO.. the next challenge is to learn how to leverage the power of Social Media. (By leverage, we mean actually generating income - without being a pest.) The best way to do this is to create an Explosion! We’ll show you how, step by step.
Who Should Attend?
If you are a business owner of any kind, have a website, an aspiring business owner, educator, politician, religious leader, non-profit organization, or employee - then this workshop is for you. A lot of businesses make the mistake of thinking that if they don’t “sell” on the internet, then marketing on the internet is “not for them.” But did you know that 67% of internet users look ONLINE before they make a purchase... even though more than 50% of them then make that purchase in a PHYSICAL location? SO that is more than 30% of potential new business you could be missing because you don’t know this “stuff.”
Don’t get left behind!
The online marketplace is growing faster than ever before, and you can have a piece of it!
Let’s look at some monthly visitor numbers* from a few top social communities: - 1,191,373,339, - 810,153,536, - 54,218,731, - 42,744,438, - 19,511,682, - 53,389,97 - 39,630,927 (* as of Jan 2009)
These numbers add up to whopping 2,211,022,627.
That’s 2.2 BILLION people that YOU have an opportunity to get your message too and we will teach you how.
There has been no better or easier way for you to reach more people than now, through social networking.
Who Is Bo Cable and iMedia Works? Bo Cable is a Coach to the Successful; those who are already there - and those who will be shortly. With over a decade of internet marketing savvy, Bo will wow you with ideas, up-skill you with proven tactics, and help you get your message out. If you are in business to make money and increase your influence, (who isn’t), then you will benefit from the strategies Bo coaches to monetize your website. He is in demand as a consultant, speaker and coach to well known national and international businesses. His key goal is to help his clients to better leverage the internet. Whatever stage your business is at, Bo Cable can accelerate your results online.

10:30 AM - "Courting Your Client" ... Pam Costa
Come learn the seven steps to relationship selling....Creating a new client relationship is much like social dating. You take the same steps you would to developing a personal life partnership and convert them to business and then you are able to make sure you do not miss any of the processes to building a life long professional relationship as well. Join us to see if you are missing any of the crucial steps you need to be a professional “relationship builder” and create new success stories for yourself too.
Pam Costa is a sales trainer and business coach and has helped numerous clients take their businesses to the next level and double their productivity. She also runs the networking group.... “Word of Mouth Networking” which holds the most SUCCESSFUL “Speed Networking” events in Orlando. This is a RARE opportunity to to attend one of Pam’s TRAININGS ON US!

11:30 AM - “Slam Dunk Marketing” ...Timothy M. Ricke
>> or
Tim will be providing us with TIPS and TRICKS from his newest book, Slam Dunk Marketing. Slam Dunk offers powerful, yet inexpensive marketing systems as well as exposing the myths of small business. This is powerful information that can change your perception and lift your sales and business to new levels.
Tim Ricke is a past Entrepreneur of the Year and Florida Businessperson of the Year. He build his first business beginning with $13.68. That business produces millions in sales and became a household name, right here, in metro Orlando. Tim is also a business and speakers coach and training others to become world class presenters.

12:30 PM - “Karma Selling” ... Jeff Bosworth
“Karma” ...The total effect of a person's actions and conduct during the successive phases of the person's existence, regarded as determining the person's destiny. In Jeff Bosworths “Karma Selling” you’ll learn the secret to setting up each phase of the selling process and how your preparation for each phase determines your success. You’ll learn how to ask the right questions of your client in order to diagnose your clients issues so that you can frame your product or service in the best light. You’ll learn follow up techniques that will greatly increase your closes AND you’ll see why it’s important you LEARN from each of your clients after each presentation so that you can continually refine your approach, follow up and close. Then, you’ll see why staying in contact with your clients, pre sale, during the sale, and after the sale, is crucial to your continued success and your ability to create your OWN destiny.
Whether you are in sales, or whether you are a business owner looking to increase your client base or improve negotiating skills, you’ll be learning from the best. Jeff will help you take your company or business to the next level. Jeffrey Bosworth has been in Senior Management for three Internet based companies since 1994, focusing on Internet Marketing/Sales, Web Development and Hosting. Up until October of 2002, Jeff was the Internet Marketing Manager for Clear Channel Orlando and is now Sr. Sales and Marketing Consultant for Island Estuary Management Group

1:30 PM - “Tax Strategies to Increase your Cash Flow AND Net Worth” ...Sue Copening
Think you know all the deductions that are available to you as a small business person?
Think your accountant is taking care of your taxes for you? The GAO says... “NO!”
The Government Accountability Office (GAO) says that small business people OVER pay their taxes at a greater % rate than almost any other group. In 2008 small business professionals OVER paid by $11,000. on average. That is $900 a MONTH in cash flow you could have kept!
In this hour Sue will show you many of the deductions you have been missing... Or not MAXIMIZING. In fact you will learn some simple steps you can take to increase your cash flow by hundreds, or thousands, a month... And also how to increase your NET WORTH by $100,000 to as much as $500,000 ... WithOUT making any more money! Sound too good to be true? It will till you attend this talk... Than you’ll hit your forehead and say... “It’s so SIMPLE... Why didn’t I think of that?”
Sue Copening has been teaching tax law and strategies for small business professionals for 9 years and has spoken to hundreds of groups and associations throughout the state of Florida.

Advance Tickets to ATTEND: $5 ($10 at door)
WITH Lunch: $20 advance ($25 at door)
Vendor Tables: $80

REGISTER here: "Back to Business EXPO"

Questions: 407-275-2956

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