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The United States is currently facing major decisions as to where to get our energy. As we look at the world's supply of oil, gas, coal and other fossil fuels, we must make some key decisions to begin using alternative energy scources in the U.S. including solar, wind, geo-thermal and other technologies as well as extracting from our own sources. We currently use in our country approximately 25% of the fossil fuels used each year, however only have 5% of the total population in the world. We have some 300 million people whereas China and India each have more than 1 billion people and these countries are beginning to develop.

What does this mean to you and me? It means that alternative energy technologies are going to become one of the major industries of our country and the transition has already begun. Most all new buildings are being constructed with solar photo-voltaic power generation capability as these buildings will be around for the long term and solar energy will significantly reduce the costs of electricity. For example, the new Orlando Magic Arena will include photo-voltaic electricity generation.

One of the most cost-effective solar solutions today is solar thermal domestic hot water systems for residences. There are many ways to become employed in this industry now. The technology is proven and in Hawaii and California new residential construction requires solar domestic hot water systems.

You can get involved in the Solar Domestic Thermal Hot Water System in several ways now. One way is to become employed with us by walking door to door in upscale residential communities, introducing our company and the fact that we will be working in that area for several days, asking 5 to 6 questions, and if the homeowners are interested, to set appointments for a qualified sales representative to meet with both the husband and wife and explain the government, county and utility rebates and system advantages to them. Through your setting successful sales meetings you can earn very respectable income from your efforts, while helping to bring alternative energy sources to our country. As your knowledge of solar systems grows you could become involved in other aspects of the solar energy field in sales, engineering, customer support, installation, and management.

For more information please view the website at and if interested send email to

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