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BizPack... a "Business in a Box to EXPLODE your income! ...from award winning United First Financial.

BIZPack is a "Business in a Box"
You can use the BizPack tools in ANY business.
BizPack is also a business itself!!
This is truly unique!!

BIZPACK has the following TOOLS:

... Fully integrated system
... Contact Manager
... Broadcast email Constant Contact but up to 10 times more volume
... GoToWebinar ...train, do webinars for, up to 1000 people at a time
... Personal Development ..learn from people who USE it
... Drip email campaigns & auto-responders ...put your follow up on "auto-pilot"
... UDeduct - Tax tracking software ...keep more of the money you make!

Is your business working for you? Or... are you working for your business?
Would you like to MAKE more money?
Would you like to KEEP more of the money you make?

Biz Pack is a complete suite of marketing, follow up, and tax tools for the business professional who wants to compete in today's internet world. Complete with intensive training you'll be instantly using the latest in technology tools to put your business on AUTOPILOT.

This system is comparable to what Fortune 500 companies use!

Watch the follow videos to learn just SOME of the components you will use the most:


EMAIL DRIP - Put your FOLLOW UP on "Auto-Pilot"

GO TO WEBINAR - Computer Sharing & Conferencing with VOIP

UDEDUCT - Tax Tracking Software

There is ALSO a residual income element to BizPack so it literally can pay for it'self and MORE! Meaning, if you elect to also become a "BizPack agent" ...Bizpack becomes a parallel source of income, a business within itself... growing itself "virally" as you use Bizpack to market your "core" business.

How? As an agent you get your own web site and the ability to register others. Simply put a "tag" in your signature that say's something like "Powered by Bizpack. To get your own "business in a box" here." Then, by signing up just 5 others... yours becomes "free" and more than that... you could be making hundreds, or thousands, more a month!

What if your current business isn't appropriate to use Bizpack? Doesn't matter! You NEVER have to "buy" the program to SELL the program. You can earn hundreds or THOUSANDS a month by referring others to BiZPack through word of mouth and when, down the road, your "Bizpack business" gets big enough... THEN you WILL need the program.

BiZPack and the Money Merge Account.... two fabulous technology tools from an award winning company. What do experts say about us?

"This is one of the best businesses I have seen in decades."

- T. Harv Eker, #1 NY Times Best Selling Author of... “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind.”
....Learn more at:

What does is cost to use Bizpack?

Retail Value: over $350 a month in marketing and tax tools
But Bizpack is only $129/month + a one time activation fee of $170.
No contracts... 100% tax deductible as a business marketing expense

What does it cost to be an agent too? $50 one-time agent fee.
No monthly fees to BE in this business EVER.
You do NOT have to "buy the product to sell the product."

No strings attached - no brainer!
Need an additional revenue stream?
Know people who own businesses, whether "brick & mortar" or "home based?"
Know people who would like to keep MORE of what they earn?

This program IS a business in itself. You can earn hundreds, or thousands a month just showing it to others and getting them signed up for it. But, for those that USE IT... it is also a "Business Toolbox" that has a whole bunch of tools that someone can use in ANY OTHER business to be more successful, to MAKE MORE MONEY and to KEEP more of the money they are earning.

Here is MORE information on the tools this "Business in a Box" program includes:

Internet marketing system
Client tracking software
Automatic eMail system with "Auto-Pilot" features such as
drip email
Video Tracking: know when someone watched that video and how much they watched!
Webinar conferencing for up to 1000 people for:
Personal & Business Development including:
Monthly subscription to "Success" magazine
UNLIMITED free training in every feature of this program
UNLIMITED free courses in business marketing and tax strategies

and the BIGGEST part of "Business in a Box" program is "UDEDUCT"
... a tax deduction & tracking program for the self employed small business owner.

Did you know that just having a part time or home based business adds (on average) at LEAST $10,000 in new tax deductions to your tax return? If you are in a 25% tax bracket that is $2500. cash in your pocket just through better tax planning. As a small business owner you have the potential to deduct: Automobile expenses, entertainment expenses, travel expenses, HEALTH care costs, a percentage of your utilities, your mortgage or rent, your lawncare, in fact there are over 100 LEGAL ETHICAL tax deductions you can take as a small business owner.

Did you know the AVERAGE small business person OVER-PAYS their taxes by more than $14,000 (cash) per year because they don't identify and track all the deductions they are ENTITLED to? Do you know what you could do with an extra $10,-$14,000 a year? Well, for one thing, you could easily knock (on average) 10 years off your mortgage. You could pay off all your debt and be debt free. You could build a nice retirement next egg. Help your kids go to college. Travel?

Have you considered starting a business, or DID you start a business, in part to take advantage of these deductions but you want to properly learn how to MAXIMIZE them? Well now there is a tool to help you, and EVERY small business owner and self employed person get their business working for THEM, increase SALES and referrals, and KEEP more of their hard earned money.

SO... this "Business in a Box has everything someone needs to EARN more and KEEP more money!
It is also a BUSINESS in itself because YOU can sell this program and earn monthly commission from everyone that is using it.

The program has NO contracts, but is simply a monthly fee based program.
You do NOT have to use/buy this program to SELL this program - this business is "no strings attached"
If you DO use this program... this program PAYS for itself at least twice over through just the "tax tracking" feature of the program. How much the marketing tools will increase someone's business is anyones guess however I have been using some of these types of tools myself and get over 50% of my warm leads through them... people call ME.

How much can you EARN by signing people up for this program?
Find out now! I'll email you the COMMISSION plan.. just ask!

QUESTIONS: 407-275-2956



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