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Follow The Leader

Wasn’t that a kid’s game?

And then you grow up and guess what, you are still doing it…. Follow The Leader.

But, then maybe the leader is you. Or you may think so, because there is always someone in front. You may not always see or hear the leader, but you still follow and your team follows you. And why are they following? Because; you have the answers, you figured it out, you found the right company, product, service to promote, you are likable, you are well known or you are… Continue

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Steps Taken To Good Fortune

Clean your desk – make room for new ideas.

Clean your room – make room for new technology.

Clean your home – make room for a New You!

When you organize and throw out what is not needed anymore, you lighten up what may be holding you down.

Take items you are not using anymore and recycle them. Give them to others in need. Maybe some things can be reused as something else, especially for those who are creative.

We are now in a world that is… Continue

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Nuggets of Motivational Wisdom

I went to a GET MOTIVATED seminar and here are just a few nuggets of wisdom, that inspired me out of the many speakers that took the stage.

83 year young Zig Ziglar, joked that he was too old to buy green bananas anymore. Here are a few of his words of wisdom: Embrace change as long as change meets your purpose. Everybody needs To Do, To Love, To Hope and To Believe In. Don’t go through life being a spectator. Have goals and dreams and do something at least one time. 3… Continue

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Why Discount? Because, It's Better To Be Safe Than Sorry

Why is that I have to hear over and over again friends getting sick, getting hurt, having heart attacks and having no coverage at all and then not knowing how those bills are going to get paid.

When I have a solution, that I have had for years and every time I would mention it, friends would say oh, I don't need that or oh, that's not insurance or oh, I can't afford anything.

That just drives me crazy. Do you drive around without any car insurance. Do you live in a home… Continue

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Why Is SEO So Important?

Search Engine Optimization, the most powerful three words on the internet. What are you doing to drive traffic to your site and do you have a site to drive traffic to?

If you are in an MLM, you most likely have websites that your company has created for you. All you need to do is plug in your photo, name and contact information. These sites are what they call replicated websites. These websites are fine for some information and for signing up new reps, members and… Continue

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How To Move Past Those Negative Words And Into Action!

Everyone goes through the; I should have and of course that is the worst thing you could do, is ‘should on yourself’. It’s already in the past, so leave it there. The present is what’s most important. You want to make goals for the future, and having short term goals are the best. You’ll want to have one big goal that is off to the future, with many short ones to get you to there. With short goals, they are easy to follow, taking each step, by step, by step. Plus, make sure you are having fun… Continue

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