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Sue Copening - Orlando, FL
Tax Strategies, Wealth Strategies, Marketing

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Sue Copening

With 25 years in sales, marketing and business, plus 8 years as a public speaker, Sue has the poise, confidence and "stage presence" that comes with giving 2 to 5 seminars, presentations, or "talks," a week. That's every week... 52 weeks a year... for eight years.
You'd think that after speaking to more than a thousand groups... ranging in size from 6 to more than 106, Sue might be getting a bit bored with the "speaking thing," but... "Not so!" she says.

"The thing I love about getting up in front of an audience is that it is always different, every time. Even if the information I'm presenting is the same, people are so unique, and the questions they throw at you, so diverse, that it keeps me on my toes." says Sue. "I learn something new, or a better, funnier way to present a topic, every day."

And Sue really sees humor as the "key" to holding an audience.

"I've been speaking about taxes for more than eight years. I had to learn how to be funny in "self defense." After all... everyone expects the subject to be boring and it's important to "hook 'em" with a joke right up front. Once they laugh, and you open their eyes so they see how the information is going to benefit them... they are on the edge of their seats."

Sue's career began in radio, selling advertising, writing commercials and co-producing a radio show which later become the Home Shopping Network after the station was purchased by Bud Paxson (Paxson Communications and PAXtv).

"I was on the radio, on Saturday mornings, doing the show in my bathing suit because I was hitting the beach after." says Sue. "We did the show as a team then... so it was sort of like improv comedy.... and I have to apologize to Ron Popeil about all the jokes... but we DID sell a lot of his "Pocket Fisherman," so I think he'd forgive us.

After several years in the fast paced world of Ronco "Slicer-Dicers," Popeil "Pocket Fishermen," and "really, really, real looking" cubic zirconias, Sue left the radio biz for the more sedate environment of the restaurant & nightclub industry.

As the PR & Promotions Manager for "Penrod's" Restaurant & Nightclub (a 5 restaurant chain), Sue was instrumental in insuring that the local business clientele had a place to schmooze while consuming vast quantities of fried cheese washed down by martini's with olives that were always the correct size.

While still in the Clearwater area, Sue also consulted on, and helped design, the marketing plan for a friends new restaurant, but turned down an offer to get more directly involved since she was sure it would be short lived ...due to it's "cursed location." The depressing success of "Hooter's" had nothing to do with Sue's move to the Orlando area... she insists it was pure coincidence.

After intensive therapy for nightmares involving missed boats and bandwagons that were too full to get on, Sue vowed to stop slamming the door in the face of opportunity.

In 1996, while juggling clients as a marketing consultant and, after taking a time management seminar, Sue realized she was spending too much time during business hours organizing her social life, so she started doing a little fax newsletter for her friends... letting them know when "the gang" was getting together for happy hour, when the next Chamber function, or cool wine dinner was, etc. Well ...the rest is history!

Originally known as "Sue's THE NET News Network," then "Orlando's THE NET News Network," and "" the group finally evolved into the "," the LARGEST Business Networking & Social Organization in Central Florida with a web site and eMail newsletter reaching more than 12,500 professionals in Orlando, Tampa Bay and Central Florida.

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